What is step up louisiana



Our multiracial and multigenerational membership engages in campaigns that directly affect our lives. Organizing for economic and education justice in the South is fundamentally a fight against structural racism. This power analysis is essential to our work. We do the long term base-building work we need to win and are flexible to respond in times of crisis.

Organizing Committees are the vehicle for how we decide campaigns and strategies. Step Up members have formed an Economic Justice Committee and a Parent Union in New Orleans.

Training and Leadership Development, including new member political orientations and ongoing skills training, strengthen and grow our membership.

Statewide work, including convening the Louisiana Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (LAROS) table and working with the Unleash Local Coalition, will work to improve public policy at the state level.

Clear Political Vision and Civic Engagement Strategy, including on the local level. Our Economic Justice 3-Point Platform of Ban the Box, Equal Pay, and $15 minimum wage with the New Orleans and East Baton Rouge Councils and work on School Transportation with the Orleans Parish School Board have had an immediate impact on municipal policy. We developing our local campaigns with our Baton Rouge chapter now.



The members of Step Up Louisiana are committed to building political power to win education and economic justice for all.  Our members will Step Up and go beyond voting to organize from a racial justice perspective, campaign and hold political and community leaders accountable. We will work in our own neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces to disrupt systemic oppression. We will build the people power needed to win in our city and state. 

We will do whatever it takes to win.

We will do whatever it takes to win.