education justice

Step Up Louisiana works to ensure that all children in our state receive a quality public education in a school system that is equitable and accountable. 


Louisiana public schools are failing our black and brown children. Over two-thirds of schools received lower than a B grade in 2016, and those schools are disproportionately attended by students of color. At the same time, 86% of students do not attend the school closest to their home, which places considerable stress on families. While the charter school movement has promised parents the ability to choose a good school for their child, in reality New Orleans parents often have to choose between failing schools far from the neighborhoods in which they live, with a teaching force that is less experienced than it was before Katrina.

Step Up Louisiana is organizing parents to play a leading role in the direction of our schools. Our goals are to:

1) Establish Sustainable Community Schools

We will recruit and develop the leadership of a highly informed base of parents and work intentionally with teachers, churches, and community leaders to keep the five remaining New Orleans schools that are slated to become charters under local control. We will work to transform them into Sustainable Community Schools that will prioritize: engaging, culturally relevant, and challenging curriculum; high-quality, certified teaching; wrap-around supports; positive discipline practices such as restorative justice; and transformational parent and community engagement.

2) Build New Orleans’ First Parent Union

Beginning in the neighborhoods of Hollygrove and the Seventh Ward, we will build a base of 150-250 parents that will develop a platform to hold the Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) accountable; collaborate with organized teachers; and build parent power citywide to win a better, more equitable education system for New Orleans.

3) Support the National Movement for Education Equity

Working with our allies in the state and the national Journey for Justice Alliance, we will use social media, press outreach, parent outreach, and public mobilizations to promote the #WeChoose campaign to advance quality public schools for all children, not the illusion of school choice.

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