We are action-oriented! Look at all we have done!

Step Up Louisiana is one of the most active groups you will run in to. Check out this incomplete list of our actions and accomplishments!


Spring and Summer 2018

  • August- Launched membership drive

  • July- Launched Truth Commission Organizing

  • July- Showed up in force at the first OPSB meeting after the reunification of schools under "local control".

  • June- 4th Faith Labor Alliance Breakfast

  • June- Hired two organizing fellows who join our co-directors at CPD camp for organizing and emerging leader training

  • May-June- Participated in the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and fought for a #MoralBudget in Baton Rouge

  • May- Sustainable Community Schools resolution passed in the State Senate as an option for reform

  • May- Inauguration rally and march for economic justice

  • April- A historic first $15 minimum wage bill was filed at the State Capitol

  • April- Actively participated in the legislative session as part of many progressive coalition efforts that intersect with education and economic justice organizing

  • April- MLK50 Commemoration March and Bus Trip to Memphis

  • March- We elected our Local Advisory Committee, a group of member leaders who guide our organization through our next phase of growth

  • February- Candidate forum

  • February- Rallied at Walmart on Tchopitoulus to deliver the Betsy Gets an F Report Card about Secretary of Education Betsy Devos

  • January- Fought for and won yellow school bus transportation for elementary school students at Einstein Charter

  • January- Equal Pay Bloc during Women's March

Fall and winter 2017

  • August- Spoke out at public forums to hold elected officials accountable for the state of New Orleans public school system

  • August- Organized four public forums leading into the citywide election

  • September- Led town hall on public education

  • September- Launched citywide online school transportation survey

  • September- Ran two donation drives for Hurricane Harvey

  • September- Organized Get Out The Vote efforts with 15 canvasses, 3 phone banks, hundreds of volunteer member hours, 3,000+ pieces of literature distributed

  • October- Co-sponsored Public Safety candidates' town hall for Mayor and City Council runoff

  • October- Screened education justice film "Backpack Full of Cash"

  • October- Participated in Dignity in Schools Campaign National Week of Action as part of the #WeChoose campaign

  • October- Opened our new office

  • November- Formed advisory committee to develop our upcoming 501(c)(3) organization

  • November- Co-sponsored the "State of Working New Orleans" report release mayoral candidate forum

  • November- Held Economic Justice teach-in and GOTV effort

  • November- Organized actions against the #GOPTaxScam

  • November- Joined Poor People's Campaign

  • December- Continued organizing against #GOPTaxScam

  • December- Hosted first annual gala honoring

  • December- Our Parent Union signed on in support of Loyola Law Clinic amicus brief supporting Orleans Parish School Board in suing Einstein Charter for not providing adequate school transportation for students



Spring and Summer 2017

  • February- Step Up is founded

  • February- Led action at Uber's New Orleans headquarters that got Uber CEO to step down from Trump's economic advisory council

  • March- Launched volunteer-led canvasses in the 7th Ward and Hollygrove

  • March- Led #MilkCartonKennedy action to pressure Senator Kennedy to be accountable to his constituency on health care and other national debates

  • April- Formed the New Orleans Faith Labor Alliance

  • April- Launched the New Orleans #WeChoose education equity campaign

  • May- Coordinated coalition of groups opposed to the Trump agenda to address New Orleans' crumbling infrastructure and need for good jobs

  • May- Called for direct investment in public infrastructure, not privatization, during the #MillionsOfJobs national day of action

  • May - Organized our first major fundraiser and concert, Bounce for $15 , with allies in the Fight for 15 and OUR Walmart

  • June- Parent leaders created a film and led a Transportation Racism/Abuse forum about inequities in the charter enrollment system and transportation

  • July- Founded New Orleans Parent Union

  • July- Announced our 3-Point Economic Justice Platform